Ancient Aliens

The idea for these nails came to me while I was watching Ancient Aliens (I’ve probably already mentioned my History Channel addiction).  They’re definitely pretty weird, but I absolutely love them!  They turned out almost exactly like what I’d pictured, and I really think these two completely different designs look amazing together – I kind of have a thing for combining contrasting patterns.

ancient aliens

For my “Egyptian” nails, I used Essie Good as Gold and OPI Black Onyx.  My galaxy nails are OPI Black Onyx, topped with Essie Blanc (for the galaxy base and the stars), Sinful Colors Hip to Be Square, and OPI Hey Baby.

ancient aliens

Did I already say how much I love these?  Because it’s a lot.  They might be my favorite.

Broken Chevrons

I have wanted to try these nails since I first saw them (and then again here), but I just couldn’t get the lines crisp enough for me to be happy with them.  I mentioned in my last post that I invested in some new brushes, so I thought I’d give these one more go.  I think they still need something a little more – maybe a few more chevrons – but I am really happy with how they turned out.

broken chevrons

The base is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I used OPI Mod About You, Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare, Covergirl Peaches & Cream, Sally Hansen White On, Sinful Colors Last Chance, and Sinful Colors Blue La La.

broken chevrons

I am all about these weird geometric nails.  I want to do these all the time.


Blue Aztec

I’ve been wanting to do a design like this for forever, but I honestly just couldn’t get it right.  After I bought some professional art brushes to replaces some of my nail art brushes (and then trimmed them into nearly nothing), I decided to give it another go.  And I kind of love it.  New brushes for the win!

blue aztec

The blue on most of my nails is Sonia Kashuk Rain Check.  On my index finger, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base, with Rain Check, Sinful Colors Blue La La, Orly Frisky, and Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare for the design.

blue aztec

If you’re really into DIY nail art, I would definitely recommend investing in some nice brushes.  I’ve had my Mash set for over a year – and actually just bought a replacement – and while they’re definitely great brushes, these new ones definitely made a huge difference.



Peach Perfect

I was looking on Design Seeds for color inspiration and came across this gorgeous springy palette.  I started with the diamond nails, and didn’t know what to pair them with – I had originally thought to do something floral, but that seemed like too much work.  Then I realized the colors would be perfect for this design by (who else?) Mr. Candiipants.  I did a simple gradient on the remaining two nails, and ended up with this super awesome manicure.  Love it!

peach perfect

The base color is OPI My Vampire is Buff.  The green is Sinful Colors Innocent, the gray is OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel, and the pink and peach are Nails Inc. Mayfair Lane and Wellington Square.

peach perfect

Don’t be surprised if you see more fruit nails from me in the near future – they were much easier than I thought they’d be, and they’re just so adorable!

The Fault in Our Stars

I’ve always been a big reader.  Like, a finish all of the Harry Potter books in three days once a year kind of a reader.  I lost that a little bit when I got my current job, mostly because the commute is long and I don’t have much free time during the week, and because getting glasses has made reading for long periods somewhat uncomfortable.  But I’ve recently realized that I need to read to stay sane, so I’ve committed to reading a book a week this year (which is doable in part to my new Audible subscription).  One of the first books I read this year, and loved, is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I’ve seen TFIOS nail art a few times already, and was inspired to do my own.  I love how it turned out!

the fault in our stars

I think this is (inadvertently) the first time I’ve done nail art using just Sinful Colors polishes.  The blue base is Why Not, and it is a really beautiful color that you need to see in person.  I wore it all weekend, and really enjoyed it (even though it stained).  The black is Black on Black and the white is Snow Me White.

the fault in our stars

I absolutely loved TFIOS and I am really looking forward to the movie.  If you’ve read the book, what did you think?

“Maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always.'”

Summertime Geometric

I’m back with new posts this week (even though this one is a day late)!  I kind of borrowed several elements from (who else?) Candice from Mr. Candiipants, but I switched it up a bit.  It’s kind of tribal, but much simpler.  I kind of love it.

summer geometric

I started with Sinful Colors Hazard, which is definitely bright coral, and not neon orange as the name implies.  I’ll admit I’m a bit of a nail polish snob (I just haven’t had many good experiences with “cheap” polish), but the formula of Hazard is one of the best I have ever tried!  Seriously, it’s better than a lot of my high-end polishes.  The designs were hand painted with Sephora by OPI Give Peach a Chance, which just might have made it into my top ten.  Maybe.  I picked it up last week in the nail polish sale on the Sephora website.  SOPI polishes are kind of hit or miss for me, but I couldn’t pass them up for $4.50.

summer geometric

In case you missed that announcement, I’m planning on posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from now on, with (I hope) special bonus posts on holidays and such.  I already have two posts planned this week, and next week I will be doing some patriotic nail art, so keep an eye out for that!  And feel free to give me suggestions!

As always, let me know what you think, and please contact me if you’d like to submit a guest post!

Black Tips

I was a huge french manicure fan when I was in middle and high school.  I will admit to getting white-tipped acrylics a few times (never again!) and would often get simple french tips on the rare occasions I went for a manicure.  But it’s been years since I’ve had french tips on my nails, and I’m honestly just not that into them.  But I saw a picture of black tips from a Spring 2013 fashion show (don’t remember which) and they stuck in my mind.  They’re still simple and classic and just as clean-looking as white tips, but a lot more modern.

black tips

I used Sinful Colors Black on Black for the tips, topped with an allover coat of Seche Vite. (I did try adding a coat of OPI My Pointe Exactly – a light gray jelly – to see how it would look and hated it.)

Definitely an interesting way to wear black nail polish without really wearing black nail polish.  I’m still not completely in love with these, but I like them a lot more than I thought I would.

black tips

Be honest: would you wear black tips?  Do you prefer classic white tips, brightly colored ones, or are you just not into them at all?

The Orange and The Black

I knew I had to to some sort of orange and black mani for Halloween this year, so here it is.  To be honest, I am 99% sure I got this idea from somewhere else, but I cannot remember where.  I just saw it, though it was awesome, and then moved on (possibly on Pintrest).  So if you are or know the originator of this mani, let me know so I can give you/them credit!  Either way, I love how these turned out!

These are super easy, all you need is a dotting tool.  I think these would look great in other colors, too!

I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and Essie Orange, it’s Obvious.

Spider Webs

Day 2 of the Twelve Days of Halloween is… spider webs!  Ok, not all that exciting, but I think they turned out pretty cool.  I’m saving the more exciting posts for closer to Halloween, I promise.

I think these are easy enough for anyone with a little patience and a striping polish or a tiny paintbrush.  I used the smallest nail art brush I own, which allowed me to fit in a bit more detail, but you can do whatever you want (even add spiders!).

The black I used was Sinful Colors Black on Black, and for the base I used China Glaze Roguish Red from their “Wicked” Halloween Collection.  Since you pretty much saw what it looks like already, I included a swatch below instead of doing a separate post later.  Despite the name, this color is right on the verge of being orange.  And as you can see, there is definitely some neon in this – enough to freak out my camera.  This is a very bright polish.

Shown is two coats with Essie Good to Go.

Sorry these aren’t the best pictures.  My schedule has been a bit crazy lately, and I was in a hurry when I did these.

Halloween Gradient

Soooo today I’m starting the Twelve Days of Halloween (Nail Art)!  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything, it’s just my nerdy made-up excuse to do some awesome Halloween-themed nail art.  Every day until Halloween, I will be posting something Halloween-themed on my nails, whether it be nail art, or swatches of Halloween-themed polishes.  So here’s Day 1:

Not my best, but I liked it.  The details were far less visible in real life, which actually made them look better.  I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and Mezmerize, and Wet N Wild On a Trip – all polishes you can get for around $2!  This was actually much less blue, but I liked how my camera decided to see it better, so I didn’t do any color-correcting on these.

What do you think of my first Halloween post?  I have a few ideas for the next eleven days, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them!  I always love to see what other people come up with!