I was in the mood for something super colorful, and ended up with this design inspired by fiesta party decorations (at least in my head). They’re kind of tribal, kind of cutesy, but definitely colorful. They didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned them, but I still really like them.


I started all the nails with a base of Cult Cosmetics Redondo Beach, which is a gorgeous nearly neon red. Then I painted on the stripes with Cult Cosmetics Newport Beach, Cult Cosmetics Playa del Rey, Cult Cosmetics Point Dune, OPI Good Grief!, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.


These looked awesome from a normal distance (read: not HD close-up photos). I kept staring at my nails all day! Usually I prefer horizontal stripes, but I love how the vertical works here.

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Neon Pineapples

After I did my strawberry nails, I wanted to come up with some creative ways to do more fruit nail art.  These popped into my head one day on the way to work, and they needed to happen.  They didn’t quite turn out how I’d envisioned them, but I think they are so fun!  Definitely some of my favorite summer nail art so far.

neon pineapples

I started out with a base of OPI Black Onyx.  Then I used Sally Hansen White On to paint the pineapple shapes (to make the neon brighter over the black).  I used Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare and Sinful Colors Irish Green to color in the pineapples, and then outlined them in Essie Fierce, No Fear.  They took forever, but I think it was totally worth it!

neon pineapples

What do you think – should I do neon watermelons next?

Strawberry Fields Forever

It’s officially summer, and I have been loving all of this fruit nail art I’ve been seeing lately.  While pineapples may be my my favorite nail art fruit, I had Essie’s summer collection on my desk, and they were the perfect strawberry colors!


I used Essie Urban Jungle as the base on my thumb and middle finger and for the strawberry seeds.  The red (which in person is much more of a pink) is Essie Haute in the Heat, and the green is Essie Ruffles & Feathers.  The black is my favorite basic black – Sinful Colors Black on Black.


I think these turned out super cute!  I was actually going to do all my nails in the tiny strawberry pattern, but it was a lot of work and I was pretty lazy, so I did the full nail berries, and I actually like those a lot better.

P.S. Sorry about my lack of posts the past few weeks – I started grad school on Monday, came down with strep throat on Tuesday (I have the worst luck ever), and I spent last weekend (and most of this week) redecorating/painting TPS headquarters.  I’m considering posting some pictures when it’s finally all done, because I think it’s turning out amazing, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

Nautical or Nice

There is nothing I love more in the summertime than nautical elements and florals (it just occurred to me to combine them – duh!).  I’ve done tons of florals on this blog, but I had never done nautical nails, so I decided to give it a shot.  They’re very simple, but that’s one of the things I love about nautical patterns.

nautical nails

I started with a base of Orly Glowstick, which is a white with a subtle bright blue shimmer (which you can’t see in the pictures, so don’t bother squinting).  I painted the stripes on with Orly In The Navy, which didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped (mostly because it stained my fingers during cleanup), but it was sitting on my desk and the name was just too perfect.  Sidenote: I suck at freehanding horizontal stripes.  These took me forever because I was too lazy to use tape.  And the anchor was painted on with Essie Good as Gold.

nautical nails

I think these are kind of cool.  I’ve definitely been leaning towards simple graphic designs lately.

Stay tuned for next week’s posts, which will all have a patriotic theme in honor of Independence Day on July 4th!  Or you can stay away if you don’t want to listen to my history nerd rant on how the US became an independent country on July 2nd (not the 4th)…. Your choice 🙂

Upcoming Collections

I don’t have anything official about these collections, but I’ve seen news and pictures around the internet, so I thought I’d share.

First up, Essie’s Poppy-Razzi.  Despite the fact I haven’t posted anything about Essie yet, I’m a huge fan.  I own more Essie polishes than any other brand.  Put together.  Times two.  I especially love when they put out unusual colors, and I don’t own any neons from their previous neon collections, so I’m pretty excited about this one.  Get a preview here.

Essie’s 2012 Resort collection (which I think is called Sure Shot).  See swatches of it here.  I NEED No More Film.  And will most likely end up with She’s Picture Perfect as well.  The others are pretty, but not me.

OPI’s Spiderman collection.  The colors aren’t super exciting or new, but I kind of like Number One Nemesis.  And Just Spotted the Lizard looks like it could be a pretty good Chanel Peridot dupe.  See pictures here.

China Glaze Summer Neons. Bottle pics here.  Again, no new colors, but China Glaze is a great brand and the only neons I have are six mini bottles from Kleancolor, so I’ll probably pick up one or two.


Any other good summer collections coming out?