Blue Aztec

I’ve been wanting to do a design like this for forever, but I honestly just couldn’t get it right.  After I bought some professional art brushes to replaces some of my nail art brushes (and then trimmed them into nearly nothing), I decided to give it another go.  And I kind of love it.  New brushes for the win!

blue aztec

The blue on most of my nails is Sonia Kashuk Rain Check.  On my index finger, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base, with Rain Check, Sinful Colors Blue La La, Orly Frisky, and Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare for the design.

blue aztec

If you’re really into DIY nail art, I would definitely recommend investing in some nice brushes.  I’ve had my Mash set for over a year – and actually just bought a replacement – and while they’re definitely great brushes, these new ones definitely made a huge difference.



Neon Tribal

Most of the time, the polishes I use in my nail art are the ones on my desk – which pretty much means they’re my go-to black and white (Sinful Colors) and my most recent purchases.  I got both of these polishes last week at the Sally’s buy two get one sale, and thought they would look great together as a summery tribal design.

neon tribal

I used China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin and Rose Among Thorns (which is a cool dark pink neon).  The white is Sally Hansen White On.


I feel like florals and triangles are becoming my default nail designs.  But that’s totally ok, because I love them!

Triangle Tribal

Lately I’ve been loving nail designs centered around triangles (especially those by Mr. Candiipants and Chelsea Gets Nailed).  I never realized how versatile they could be.  Depending on how you arrange them, triangles can be classic, graphic, tribal, or any even Christmas trees.  I tried out a few different designs here, tied together with a simple color palette, and they turned out kind of tribal-y.  I can’t decide which one is my favorite!


I used Nicole by OPI I Sea You and Raise You and Essie No Place Like Chrome.  The triangles were all freehanded using two different sized brushes.  I’ve discovered that I am way too impatient to use tape, especially when it involves several different steps (like these would have) and cutting small pieces.

triangle tribal

What do you think of these?  I really want to try the design on my middle finger again, maybe with a gradient as the base.

Lots of Little Lines

About 90% of the time, when I bring home a new polish, I have to swatch it right away, whether it’s on my fingers, or a piece of tape.  So I was playing around with a few new ones I got at Sally’s last week, and thought the colors would look good together.  I somehow ended up with this.

I think it looks kind of tribal, but really, I was just making triangles out of lines.  I kind of love the pattern.

I started with a base of China Glaze Peachy Keen, which has been on my wish list forever, and used China Glaze First Mate (blue) and Finger Paints Go Van Gogh (green, and also – love the name), to freehand all the lines.

I probably could have done a better job, but I was tired and not really paying attention.  Still, I like how they turned out.

Day 16 – Tribal Print – Orange & Aqua

I really love how these turned out.  I can’t even decide which one is my favorite!  The chevrons are my favorite element.  After this challenge is over, I’m planning on doing another set of tribal nails with just chevrons.

I wanted the design to speak for itself, so I chose four colors that contrast each other really well.  I knew I wanted orange somewhere, so I started with that and then added on from there.  There are so many possibilities with tribal nails!  Seriously, just type it into Google.

I started with a base of Zoya Arizona (an amazing light orange).  For the black, I went with China Glaze Smoke and Ashes.  In real life, you can see the green/blue shimmer – sad it didn’t really show up in pictures.  You can see it a tiny bit on the tip of my thumbnail and on my pinky.  I love how the shimmer in the black kind of matches the aqua, which is China Glaze For Audrey.  The white is Essie Blanc.

I would love to see your tribal nails, so feel free to post links in the comments!